EMR Management

Electronic Medical Records software also known as EMR is an integral part of your healthcare business. Recording and managing patients’ health records can be very time consuming but can also be a very critical task to the operations of your practice. Your RN can assist with reconciling labs, updating ICD codes, matching patient’s with their results, scanning or encoding new consultation notes, updating records and much more. Delegating these tasks to remote staff in our office will dramatically streamline your operations and allow you to focus more on growing your business.

EMR Management Services

Get assistance with moving to a new EMR system, merging records and integrating your internal systems.

This is perfect if you have old records that have not been entered into your EMR. Your virtual assistants can encode, scan and organize your hard copies into your Electronic Medical Records software.

Finally get all those bells and whistles that you wished your system had. There’s an abundance of plug-ins, APIs and modifications that can make your life easier and help your clinic function more efficiently.

Security of your medical records isn’t just good practice, its required by most regulatory offices. This will defend you from data breaches, malware and other ricks that may jeopardize confidentiality and security of your patient’s records.

How We Do It

We provide remote EMR management services through one of our offices located in the US, UK, Australia or the Philippines. We do this by offering outsourced employees who work for you, either on a project basis or you may hire them to work exclusively for your company full-time. The cost for a full-time Electronic Medical Records specialist starts at around $850 USD per month, working remotely from our Philippines based facility. US, UK and Australian based staff are also available at prices starting at $12.95 USD per hour.

Training, Reporting & Oversight

In addition to providing staffing solutions, we also provide training, reporting and oversight. During the on-boarding process of your hire, we work closely with your staff to make sure they have all the training and reporting resources to be able to do their job and report back to you efficiently. We also assign your remote staff to a team leader and an account manager who work with your staff on a daily basis to provide assistance, answer questions and focus their oversight on making sure they are doing their job to the best of their capabilities.

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