How Remote Staffing Can Help Grow Your Business

Zack Williamson

Zack Williamson

Zack Williamson is a co-founder and CEO of, a remote staffing and business management consulting firm with offices and partners in the US, UK, The Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia. Zack enjoys writing about a wide range of topics from business process consulting and International manpower logistics to digital media and internet marketing. That being said, some people visit his blog to check out the occasional rant about politics, health, music, and more.

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, having a remote staff working in your team or company has become popular as ever. More importantly, the demand to outsource especially for administrative roles has skyrocketed many folds. Numerous companies that have hired and integrated remote teams in their companies experienced exponential improvements in how they get things done with a fraction of the cost. 


Often located outside the US, primarily in the Philippines or India. They are more than willing to be paid a fraction of the amount that their contemporaries in the US. In addition, they prefer to be paid on a daily, weekly, or monthly package. Which makes them an attractive hire for most companies looking to outsource.

Whereby, removing any monetary burden on your team or company. Moreover, savings from daily, monthly and even yearly operations will greatly help your team in managing its budget. This makes outsourced employees a budget-friendly solution to help your overstretched workforce.

  • Reduced labor costs due to lower labor rates. 
  • Save on infrastructures such as office space, work equipment, and many more. 
  • Access competent industry experts in IT, Finance, Architecture, Engineering, and Medical fields.

Focus on Core Goals and Operational Efficiency

Nowadays, businesses struggle to manage numerous repetitive tasks while trying to fulfill their main goals. Therefore, hampering their ability to grow at a sustainable rate. Outsourcing provides a great solution to increase their productivity and efficiency by outsourcing repetitive tasks such as Administrative, Human Resources, and Recruitment needs. Thus, eliminating those time-consuming tasks.

  • Streamline time-intensive and time-sensitive processes or tasks. 
  • Reduce repetitive tasks. 

Ultimately, outsourcing can give a company important breathing room to focus on growing their businesses by focusing on their core areas.

Access to Various Roles and Expertise

Access to Various Roles and Expertise

Finding the right person to add to your remote team can be a difficult task, no matter what sector you’re in. However, outsourcing providers have made it easier for companies to hire various roles such as basic rank and file jobs, which are expensive to hire in the US, Canada, or United Kingdom.

Most outsourcing providers are located in the Philippines and India. Being the two dominant countries in the outsourcing industry, both countries have a pool of well-educated professionals and more importantly, their mastery of English is well-sought after. With that in mind, an endless pool of highly competent individuals is ripe for the taking.

Although, services offered by outsourcing providers vary from each company to another. offers expert services from: 

  • Finance Services
  • Architecture Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Medical Services
  • Start-up and Technology Experts 

Those roles mentioned above are the tip of the iceberg of the numerous roles a company may hire. Outsourcing providers may look for a specific role based on your tailored needs. A company willing to outsource will have a potential candidate ready to work for them.

Faster and Better Services

Being experts in the fields mentioned above, remote staff employees offer faster and better service. Moreover, they will give you a new perspective on how they do business. A company may emulate the culture they bring in. Importantly, the innovation of work processes. 

Companies may also increase or decrease the numbers of remote staff in their teams when the need arises. This provides businesses with a cost-effective solution without compromising the quality of work they provide. In addition, remote workers are flexible and adaptable to meet the changing needs of a business. On top of that, they are willing to work in any schedule you may require of them.

  • 24/7 services.
  • Ability to increase or decrease the number of employees based on the needs required. 
  • Tailored fit services depending on the capacity and needs.

What We Learned

Outsourcing had been around for three decades. Since then, outsourcing essential and non-essential roles to BPO providers became the norm for many businesses these days. While there are some companies still reluctant to outsource, they will surely miss a great opportunity. Ultimately, hiring a remote staff has been a tried and tested solution for companies to sustain their businesses. 



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