Medical Transcription

We provide medical transcription services to hospitals, healthcare institutions, multi-specialty clinics, and physician practices from around the globe. Our team is composed of experienced transcriptionists, editors, quality assurance managers, and customer service representatives.

Using our experienced staff and state of the art technology we are able to process all healthcare transcription requirements of any size with immense accuracy and speed. Our continuously growing client lists includes numerous private-practice physicians and specialists as well as hospitals. We are able to stay ahead of the competition by focusing on three main aspects:

Impeccable Quality

Our clients experience unparalleled expertise and accuracy no matter how large the requirement is. We employ highly experienced medical transcriptionists concentrated on your specialty. And our rigorous system of quality assurance checks allows us to achieve 99% accuracy with each and every transcript.

Swift Turnarounds

Our team of medical transcriptionists and quality analysts works around the clock. Our management team ensures that work will be completed within the agreed-upon turnaround time, most commonly 24 hours. Our clients error-free documents arrive when they expect them in accordance with all of the pre-established requirements.

Enhanced Security

The medical field probably more than any other field requires that security and privacy are of primary importance. We are committed to confidentiality and maintain the most advanced certifications in network security by having established a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) that guarantees that your data is always treated with the greatest security and integrity.

How it Works

Our experienced team of medical transcriptionists, IT professionals, and English language specialists have transcribed dictation recordings into text used for research, medical reports, correspondence, discharge papers, autopsy reports, medical review, surgery notes, and more. We have a suite of software applications that capture our client’s dictation (through telephone dictation or uploaded digital files) that is quickly distributed to our transcription team. The transcribed documents are securely returned in no time.

Our web-based client portal, offers full document management for our clients. Their documents are available from any location online for editing, electronically signing, printing and securely distributing appropriately. Clients can easily search for documents by date, work type, patient’s name and more. We are able to assign physicians and staff with different levels of permission to upload digital files, edit, print, fax or email documents. Our clients also have the ability to provide feedback to our transcription team on each dictation. They have 24/7 access to all of their documents with one easy to manage system, without the complexity and expense of an EMR.

Services We Offer

We have clients that require a dedicated full transcription team only working on their account and we also have clients that just need occasional help. We are able to support whatever requirements our clients have. Below are the most common transcription services we offer:

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